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New Locations added:

(Hubs): Raven Rock (can buy a player home there), Tel Mithryn (can buy a player home there as well), Skaal Village (follower is from here + is a new marraige candidate)
(Imperial Forts): Fort Frostmoth, Ashfallow Citadel, Highpoint Tower
(Shacks): Hrodulf's House, Abandoned Lodge
(Caves): Frostmoon Crag (home to werewolf pack that you can talk with if you are one), Bristleback Cave, Castel Karstaag Caverns & Ruins, Glacial Cave, Benkongerike, Frossel, Hrothmun's Barrow
(Landmarks): Brodir Grove, Altar of Thrond, Stalhrim Source, Horker Island (Island of Lord Tusk)
(Nordic Ruins): Kolbjorn Barrow (quest to help excavate), Bloodskaal Barrow, Vaholok's Tomb, Gyldenhul Barrow.
(Dwemer Ruins): Nchardak, Kagrumez, Fahlbtharz
(All-Maker Stones): Earth Stone, Watern Stone, Wind Stone, Beast Stone, Sun Stone
(Others): Northshore Landing Dock, Old Attius Farm, Snowclad Ruins, Headwaters of Harstrad, Moesring Pass, Bujold's Retreat, Haknir's Shoal, Saering's Watch, Thirsk Mead Hall, Broken Tusk Mine, Damphall Mine, & Miraak's Temple.
(In Skyrim): Last Vigil

New Creatures & Baddies:

Werebears - no word on whether the player can become one yet, but all have been hostile so far. They transform into the bear after being near them a short time.
The Morag Tong - They seem to act more like Silver Hand encounters where you fight against them a bit and have random encounters of them. No ability to join with them so far. Hostile Dunmer in Morag Tong armor.
Serpent-like creature - Player won't describe this excactly, though says one is pictured in the trailer and won't give its exact name either.
Lurkers - Extremely tough and frustrating enemies with plenty of health and dish out a lot of damage. Good challenge. About the size of giants and they are creatures that have 'slipped' into Tamriel from H. Mora's realm.
Ash Spawn - officially mentioned and pictured in Bethesda's releases.
Rieklings - officially mentioned and pictured in Bethesda's releases.
New Dragon types encountered.
New Dwemer automation - a walking dwarven ballista.

New Shouts:

Cyclone - creates a small tornado (that is pretty funny to use)
Bend Will - force a dragon to fight with you.
Dragon Riding - player hasn't gotten to this one yet.
Dragon Aspect - creates the dragon armor from trailer and gives stronger shouts, stronger melee attacks and summon Ancient Dragonborn to fight with you when you get low on health. Can only be used once per day.
Battle Fury - like Elemental Fury but for NPCs

New Weapons & Armor:

Deathbrand Armor - similar to stalhrim
Two Unique Scimitars you can get by the end of the quests
Bonemold Armor - Officially mentioned by Bethesda (heavy armor)
Chitin Armor - Officially mentioned by Bethesda (possibly a light armor)
Stalhrim Weapons and armor - Again, officially mentioned (many of these you can glimpse in the trailer and screenshots)
Carved Nordic Armor & Weapons - a heavy armor
Spears - I know there are some waiting for info on spears, but Bad News: Only the Reiklings have used them so far and if the player picks them up, they go into inventory as arrows.

New Spells/Enchantments:

Poison Rune
Whirlwind Cloak
Ash Shell - lets you encase enemies in ash (paralyze) or slow them down with damage.
Waterwalking - back in enchantment and potion form
A new Ring that allows resurrected creatures to explode into frost and fire damage.
Staff Enchanting
New Active Effect - from H. Mora's realm you can find a book that lets you choose from three active effects: Mora's Mercy, Mora's Wrath and Mora's Agony. You can return to the realm and choose a new effect if you want to replace it (sounds like a similar thing to the effect Parthurnax gives you, or the one you receive for the Nightengale quest)
Ash creature conjuration spells
New Summoning power - player doesn't want to spoil what it is, but says it's cool.


Outlander - Arrive on Solstheim (20 G)
Raven Rock Owner - Own a house in Raven Rock (20 G)
Solstheim Explorer - Discover 30 Locations on the island of Soltheim (30 G)
The Temple of Knowledge - Complete "The Temple of Miraak" (20 G)
The Path of Knowledge - Complete "The Path of Knowledge" (20 G)
At the Summit of Apocrypha - Complete "At the Summit of Apocrypha (40 G)
Hidden Knowledge - Learn the secrets of 5 Black Books (40 G)
Stalhrim Crafter - Craft an item out of Stalhrim (20 G)
Dragon Aspect - Learn all 3 words of Dragon Aspect (20 G)
DragonRider - Tame and Ride 5 dragons (20 G)