1983 Yamaha XJ750 
749cc 4 cylinder
Pod Filters and Open exhaust
Fresh Plugs and Oil
Rigid Frame Mod ( Boxed In)
NO Damage to Structural Integrity of Stock Frame!
Seat Pan is 22" off ground , as Low as an XJ can safely go!!!
Dual Halogen Headlamps Modified 
All LED tail/stop lights
LED Engine Light Kit tied to Headlight for the Red eyes
One of a Kind Body Panels.....Nobody Rocks it like this!!!
All sides are steel based and Fiberglass Reinforced 
All Body Parts are in Hot Rod Black Primer (You pick Color)
Pinstripe is vinyl and will peel off when you want to paint or put your own style
Magnet sticks to every side of the Fenders and Body
Custom Made Stealth Bomber Bars,  One of a Kinds as well

Runs Strong, Idles Great when warm, Killer Bike to Blow away any Bike Show or Bar Scene.  Bike SCREAMS Dark Knight Chopper with a few nicely placed decals you can pull off a Mean Batman Bike that is not TACKY like "those" theme bikes out there.  Email any questions or post here, hate it, let me know, love it, let me know! Peace !