Stick welding the cover pass on a 2 inch 6g pipe test. Using excalibur 7018 rods at around 90-95 amps, We cover a few tips for stick welding the cover pass as well as a brief summary of parts 1 and 2 where we did the root pass and hot pass with tig welding ,

I used an Everlast 160 sth for all the welding on this 6g welding test.

sth stands for stick, tig, and high frequency start....this little welding machine is a very affordable and capable tig inverter that can be used with either foot pedal amperage control , or torch switch.

I used the torch switch for this video but I had a chance to play around with the foot pedal for some other joints.

Lincoln excalibur 7018s are nice.  the slag seems to come off more easily than some other rods I have tried....and the excalibur rod has a slightly heavier flux coating that deposits more metal.
This machine compares  to other machines like the lincoln v155 and miller maxstar 150 models.  Having high freq start is a huge deal because a no touch start is important on jobs like 4130 tubing.