Several years ago, I had a bright idea to make wooden ties. I made several which turned out very nice except they were not very comfortable to wear. They only bent in one direction. I did not make any more beyond the first batch but still had a lot of wood milled out.
Now I'm using the wood for a wooden bracelet for a grand daughter using segmented turning techniques. For this first set, I'm using four segments in a layer. Two segmented layers are glued up witha thick piece of Oak veneer in between for added strength. 
Woods are honey locust, maple, walnut, a probably padouk.
The blank was CA glued to a piece of baltic birch held in my scrolling jaw chuck. I turned the outer face and hollowed the middle first. Then parted off the bracelet. I had to add another layer to the baltic birch to make a jam chuck for the bracelet.
The bracelet is sealed with thin CA glue, then finish sanded, and finished with a friction shallac polish.
Now to make more for the rest of my grand daughters.
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