Here is my vintage Ameco AC-1 Ham Radio novice CW transmitter on 40 Meters at about 5 watts QRP output, along with my homebrew receiver and station controller (keyer and TR switch). If you are not familiar with this vintage novice rig, google search and you will find some interesting information on it. The AC-1's signal is being monitored in the shack for this video with a Kenwood R-1000 receiver - my homebrew receiver has only headphone audio output right now. As you can hear, my AC-1 produces a clean and stable signal.  Hope you enjoy the video!!  73, Jack WA6KYO

RECEIVER INFO:  I've been getting questions about my homebrew receiver.  It is a simple solid state direct conversion type with two separate audio filters for added selectivity. It's basic, but actually works quite´╗┐ well on 40 meters.  The metal box above the chassis and just behind the National Vernier dial is the VFO and is extremely stable.  I will make a video demonstrating the receiver soon.

For more info on the AC-1, including partial replica kits, decals, coil forms, etc...  there is an AC-1 Yahoo Group:

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Looking for more info on homebrewing your own replica?  Original instruction manual, schematics and parts list information can be found here: