Thappattam-folk-dance-of-tamilnadu captured Thappaattam - Folk dance of Tamilnadu in Shilpgram Utsav (Fair/Festival) 2009 in Udaipur.

Thappu is the name of a rhythmic beat instrument and Thappattam is practiced among the suppressed classes of the people of the Tamil Nadu. The subtle form of dance accompanied by captivating music, is an ancient rural folk art which is even now popular in urban slum areas in villages.

Thapattam is a Folk Dance of Tamil Nadu which has been known as Paraiattam in ancient Sangam Literatures. Parai is an instrument which is used for the declaration and the proclamation of Ancient Tamil King's message and Orders to the Public. During Bhakti cult both the Saivite and Vaishnavite Saints have referred Parai as one of the ritual instruments in the worshipping patterns through penances. Sri Andal, the counter part of Meera in Tamil Nadu mentions this instruments, Parai in so many stanzas of her work Thirupavai.

The Parai acquarried the name Thappu based on the action of beating on the instrument Parai. Thappu is always associated with beats and its dance. The uniqueness of Thappattam is that both the player and the dancer are same.

The beats of the Drum and the movements of the body meet in unison so as to become an expressive dance form. It is an Artform of the suppressed class. Unfortunately the higher caste people invite Thappattam only for the funeral processions. But as for as the suppressed community is concerned Thappattam is an Artform which extends from a birth of a child to the death of a man or woman. reserves rights of this video.