This is our third scale JW Sopwith Pup build and flown by our friend Rick Cawley.

This is a complete CNC kit, made in Germany,  is quite possibly the quickest and most simply to build WWI kit due to the unmatched level of prefabrication - down to the ready-to-go flying wires, fuel tank, precut sheet metal and wheels.

Rick has our Moki S215 and our APS Fuelpump installed and flies his Pup on one of our laminated 32*18 props. A 34*16 will be what I will fly on my Moki S215 Pup.

This is one of the very first flights that Rick has clocked on his wonderful JW Sopwith Pup. The motor was chosen due to sound, looks, scale prop size and reliability. The power that comes with it is of course not needed but rather sheer indulgence.

Rick won Best of Show at Monster Planes USA with our half scale Bücker Jungmeister, this time with our Moki S250.

Team Aeroscale is Moki USA